WIBC Performance Awards 2019

Based on objective data sourced from each institution, the WIBC Performance Awards are the flagship awards for the World Islamic Banking Conference (WIBC) and are granted to the top financial institutions based on their aggregate performance scores against multiple measures on a global and regional level.

Each financial institution receives an aggregate score based on weighted scores of 3 metrics: Financial Stability, Financial performance and Governance and Social responsibility.
Award recipients are those that secure the top aggregate score at the global and regional level. Those that make it in the top 10 at the global level and top 5 at the regional level will be nominated.

Award Criteria

» Aggregate WIBC Leaderboard score

Eligible Institutions, Countries & Regions

» Regions which have sizeable Islamic finance market and framework

» Banks with Minimum banking assets of USD 300 million and above. And whose data has been accessible across categories via the Bank Orbis software & Thomson Reuters Islamic Finance Development Indicator (IFDI)

Award Categories

» 1 – Global Award

» 3 – Regional Awards (GCC, Asia and Levant Regions)

» 1 – Governance & CSR Award

» 1 – Award for the Fastest Growing Bank (in terms of asset growth)

» 1 Award for Islamic Banker of the Year

WIBC Performance Awards 2018 Winners

Best Performing
Islamic Bank – Global:

Best Performing
Islamic Bank - GCC:

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Best Performing
Islamic Bank - Levant:

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The Governance
& CSR Award:


Award for
Fastest Growing Bank
(By Asset Growth)

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